Monday, August 6, 2012

the gap outlet and being fair

I had some weekend.

It wasn't all bad, but for the most part I sulked around and felt lousy. It was full of highs and lows.

I don't usually like to be Debbie Downer, but this is just life sometimes -- take it or leave it :)

I was excited about one thing and then it didn't turn out the way I wanted. I had expectations that weren't met and it felt like I was being disappointed left and right. I felt like God was challenging me to shake it off and move on, but I just couldn't.

So, anyways, onto the Gap. This was probably the verbal highlight of my weekend. Haha :0D

We have an awesome Gap outlet about 10mins from our house, also conveniently located on my way home from work :0) I love shopping there because I always get good prices and really like their clothes.

Thursday morning, I decided to check out their sales. I found an awesome pair of jeans {on clearance...1 pair, my size!}, a cute onesie for ladybug, and a very pretty dress. Of course, they were all on sale.

So, Friday I checked my email and was sent a 30% off everything coupon for the Gap outlet starting that Saturday.

Who has a bad full of clothes with the tags still on, not worn or washed and a coupon good starting the next day that wouldn't go back to the store and get a credit/adjustment/etc for the difference??

It only made sense to me.

With Ryan in tow, I hauled my goods back. I told him that if they didn't make a price adjustment, then I would simply return the items and buy them back with my coupon {since I JUST bought them like a day ago!}. I was planning to save us about 16 bucks!

I've had price adjustments done before {LOFT outlet -- THANK YOU!}. I understand stores change sales all the time and sometimes you just lose out, but the tags were still on my clothes.

Now starts my encounter with the sales girl.

Apparently {in the tiny print no one reads} they can't do a price adjustment. Fine, okay. I get it. So let me return these and then I'll just have my hubby buy them back for me. The manager {who had wondered over by this point} informed me that I could only use the coupon on things purchased from the sales floor.

So I told him to throw them over onto the floor and I would go pick them up, get back in line, and make my final purchase.

Since they were so busy they might not make it back to the floor until, tomorrow.


The only item on the floor was the dress {new in stock!}, the jeans and onsie were clearance specials. Remember, there was only 1 pair of jeans in my size??

I told the manager I thought that policy was ridiculous and he looked at me and said "don't you want to be fair to everyone else? It's just not fair to do that." Follow that up with a blank stare.

I should have prayed at this point, but instead went on a rant about how I think being fair is awesome and of course I think everything should be fair and square and all those people who feel like they've been cheated by me using this coupon should go home and print out the very same one!

To end, I walked out with a discounted dress and kept my other goods. I would have just let them have the jeans, but I really liked them.

And to prove my point of how ridiculous it was, I made Ryan walk 20feet and grab me the very same dress. So she tossed the one I was returning to the side and took off the very same one from the hanger to place in my bag.

It was just so amazingly frustrating.

If I was the manager, the whole situation would have gone something like this -- sorry Mam, but policy doesn't allow us to do price adjustments. Generally, the customer is only allowed to purchase products off the floor when they have a coupon, but I see you weren't aware of this. How about you return them and then I'll just place them back so you or your husband can grab them :) We have lots of sales today, you might even see something else you'd like to get with your 30% off everything coupon -- it is a great deal!

Was that so hard??

Ok, phew, glad that's off my chest. Ha!


ashlie said...

Wow! That is ridiculous! Not good customer service at all!!

Andrea said...

I hate it when stores are like that. Sorry it was a rough weekend. :-(

Hope this week brings better things!

Kelsey Winter said...

You're absolutely right. That's exactly how the manager should have handled the situation. Instead, they upset a very loyal customer for no reason. I hope your week gets better from here!

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