Saturday, August 4, 2012

playing with Jonah

Last night, my friend, Erin and Jonah came over for dinner and a movie. 

Here's a picture of Jonah -- one of the cutest babies ever

Erin was so good about me letting Phinley free during their visit. 

I can't say I would have been that cool with it. It's one thing if it's your dog, it's another if it belongs to someone else!!

Phinely did such a good job {there's hope for us one day!! haha} He was super super excited to meet Jonah, but after a bit he relaxed. A little. :0)  

I'm afraid our biggest battle will be licking. The dog does not.stop. licking. I'm afraid our kids feet will become a permanent lollipop for little dog. Gross. 

It was good to see Phinley have some self-control....being that close to a baby during tummy time is tough!! He only tried to do a sneak roll over and lick his face once! 

Thanks for playing with us Jonah! {and Erin!}  

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