Friday, August 10, 2012


As opposed to my last post {and weekend}, my week has been going really well! I've had time to get a lot done and do some things I really enjoy -- like sew! And pray! 

Not sure if I ever posted a pic of the new Ikea shelves I bought a few weeks back for my sewing wall -- I just love them! They feel light and look great in the space! 

I've been busy using this space quite a bit! 

I like to make things for all the babies/kids in my life, family and friends, and many of them are just starting to eat and get teeth. It seemed like a bib would be their obvious need at the moment :0) 

This is my first attempt! Of course, I figured out like 10 things I wanted to do differently for the next one, but I think it came out pretty cute! I used terry cloth on the back of all these....

I thought this fabric was adorable! The colors are girly, but a little unique. It's for Ladybug. She'll get it when she arrives this fall :) And I added a thin green ribbon in the middle for something extra! 

This week we're headed to the beach with Ryan's family, so I made a sunny one for Alayana.....

And a personalized one. I'm so pleased with how it came out! Love the teal and pink combo! Hope she likes it ;0) 

My 2 year old nephew, Andrew, was a little harder to figure out. He doesn't use bibs, so I opted for a shirt. Do you know how hard it is to find a plain, short sleeve shirt in size 2T?!? I looked everywhere! I had almost given up when I spotted this bright number at Target. No pockets, no logo....just colors!! ha!

He got a friendly shark :)  

 Can't wait to see them all soon! 

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Kelsey Winter said...

Those are adorable! I especially love Andrew's shark shirt. You're so talented!

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