Monday, August 20, 2012

back from the beach

Back from the beach and in full swing! Computer training this morning at school, then spent the afternoon getting computers set up and ready for open house! 

So sad to see such a wonderful summer come to an end, but that's life :) I feel so blessed to have had so much time off work!

Like I said yesterday, we had a great week at the beach. See.....

Love how we all look so happy in this picture. HA! Guess we were saving our smiles for the camera ;0) 

Much better! Good looking family!

Me and my best friend!

This little jumping bean loved the doorway bouncer {have no idea what it's called!} She just laughed and jumped!

Waiting for Pop-pop and Grandma to get on the boardwalk....

Ryan was in charge of getting the Taj-ma-tent on the beach and set up everyday. The thing is heavy, so usually I {or someone else with equally superior strength} helped him carry it out. 

He used buckets full of sand and water to secure it down. Those little spikes for the corners do nothing

Jumping bean made it down to the beach for one quick afternoon. She has the fairest skin in all the land and burns up quick -- loves the sand though! I only saw her put one handful into her mouth :0D 

Pay careful attention to the next picture -- I doubt you'll ever see me in a bathing suit again :) 

Andrew loved being buried by his Daddy! Jason dug the hole and Andrew plopped in, then patted the sand in around him. haha! Kids crack me up!

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