Friday, August 24, 2012

accepting me

Is it just me, or is everyone else out there still trying to figure out how to be there best self?

I admit, sometimes I think being my best self = being a perfect person and I know that's not true. However, that doesn't keep me from being really hard on myself when I make mistakes or have a feeling about something, someone, some....that I know isn't right. 

Last week I read a great devotional {Rick Warren Purpose Driven Connection} that focused on needing only God's approval and accepting who you are by not comparing yourself to anyone else. First, the Bible tells us not to {Galatians 6:4}. Second, I thought the 2 points he made about comparing yourself to others was worth sharing....
  • "You will find someone who seems to be doing a better job than you, and you will become discouraged, or
  • You will find someone who doesn't seem as effective as you, and you will become full of pride."
Isn't that so true? 

After I read that I felt like I got slapped in the face. I've been trying extra hard these days to accept where Ryan and I are at in life, especially in our trying to get pregnant. It's so easy for me to look around and compare myself to my friends and family who have kids and feel left behind. Then I get discouraged and I know that's not what God wants me to feel! I trust His plan!

I am getting more and more comfortable accepting who God made me. Not letting peoples' comments effect me so deeply and not worrying about whether or not I look or say the right thing....compared to Joe across the way :0) It feels freeing. 

Okay! Enough heavy stuff for one day! I was just so moved by that devo I had to share a little! I'm excited about the way God is changing me and the way I think about myself and those around me. I know I'll never be perfect, but I do aim to be my best self in whatever capacity I'm capable on any given day. 


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