Sunday, August 26, 2012

frame dilemma

I tackled one of the last projects on my summer to do list this week. 

Except it didn't turn out quite as I hoped. 

I had Ryan hang up some mix & match picture frames in our spare room with the intention of painting all of them white.

Three were already white, so I attempted to spray paint the remaining 4 to match. Yeah, it didn't work.  I thought spray painting was the easiest, most basic form of home improvement -- wrong! haha! I think I sprayed to close because the paint got all bubbly. It just didn't look that nice.

The frames were old and not my favorite, so I just threw them in the trash {shhhh...don't tell Ryan!} :) 

Lucky for me Target is currently selling really inexpensive white ones in the size I need. So I bought 4. 

Can you spot them?

How can you not? The white is super bright and totally sticks out. Ugh. I can't stand it! This might not bother anyone else, but it really sticks out to me! :0P 

So my plan is to keep them up for now, until I can get back to Ikea and get 4 new ones to match. Thankfully, they were also very inexpensive! I like the ones from Target, so I'll just reuse them once I get the others :) 

I swear, all my projects always look so easy in my head ;0) 

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