Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ryan's fiesta! ole!

Saturday we had one last celebration for Ryan's big accomplishment!! 

You can read more about it, here :0) 

I decided to go with a Fiesta theme because I love Mexican food and all the bright colors! We tossed around a "glow in the dark" theme, since Ryan works at a nuclear power plant, but I couldn't figure out food for it! ha!

I took some pictures, but not as many as I would have liked. It's hard hosting and photographing at the same time!!

I spotted this pinata and knew it would be the perfect centerpiece! I stuck with bright yellow, green, blue, teal, red, and orange for colors. My favorite might have been the cake tins I used for plates! You could really pile in the deliciousness with these bad boys!

My parents helped me a ton on the morning of the party! Dad was the official decorator. I was banking on his experience from years of decorating for birthdays and he didn't disappoint! 

Mom helped with food!

 These individual 7-layer dip cups were fun, but huge! haha! Definitely enough in 1 cup to share :)

I saw this idea for a balloon garland on pinterest and had to try it! It was SO easy! Just blow up balloons and string together using a needle and fishing line! 

  Drink station: bottled water, Mexican sodas, american sodas {ha}, and lemon lime water. Margarita's and Corona's were in the garage :) 

I loved these water bottle wraps. Got them on etsy.

The tissue paper garland was another pinterest idea :) What did we do before pinterest?!

It was also super easy! 

We felt so blessed by so many friends and family who showed up to help us celebrate! 

  Thanks so much to everyone who was able to make it!! 

 Stay tuned for an awesome surprise some of our friends gifted to Ryan -- you won't want to miss it!! 


Emily said...

I love all of the little details you put into the party. So fun! Sorry that I missed it, but glad you all had a good time!!

dran said...

Great party! I LOVE the details!! :)

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