Friday, July 13, 2012

last bathroom: before & after

Got around to painting the last bathroom in our house!! 

Honestly, I wasn't sure when I was going to get to wasn't very high on my priority list. I never use it and knew one day it would become our kids bathroom, so I wasn't sure whether to do it now or just wait until we actually have kids! 

However, an influx of guests this weekend gave me the push I needed :-) 

I decided to paint very last minute and luckily had a gallon of a really pretty turquoise/water blue in the garage -- no going to the store to pick paint! Hooray! It matched an old {but still very nice} shower curtain I had in the closet too!! Score!

Here's the before: 

It's really not looking too bad. Haha! 


Still during...{anyone else hate taping around mirrors!?!}

Sending a picture of my painting skills to Ryan at work :0)  

And finished! I didn't hang towels up because they are piled nicely on all the guest beds. 

Can you even tell? Ha! 

Still more to tweak and add {trim and molding one day}, but for now I love the color!

And the shower curtain! Whoop whoop for it matching so well!

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