Friday, July 20, 2012

gray and yellow office/spare bedroom

A summer goal of mine was to paint our main spare bedroom and office. It doesn't sound like much, but for someone who hates to paint it was a big goal! I think I've mentioned all this before....

However, I'm not sure I ever showed the fruits of my labor :)    

I love gray as a neutral and am currently pairing it with yellow in our office. A touch of yellow here and there is perfect. 


Before: started things out with new bedspread and curtains from Ikea!

After: it's hard to tell it's a new Nimbus Gray {Martha Stewart - Home Depot}, but it is!

I love my craft table right behind my the desk. I can share the chair between these 2 spaces and eliminate a chair from the space. 

Thanks {again} to the Stutzman's for letting me borrow it. 

Instra-gram frame fits perfects above the twin bed. This bed is a great addition to our office! It adds another place to sit and an extra bed for guests! 

You can see the gray a little bit better in this picture :) 

I love that we're finally getting some rooms "finished," although they aren't really every finished! I'm always thinking of what to do next! 

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