Saturday, June 23, 2012

a proud night

Last Friday night, Ryan was honored at a special dinner for all the individuals who completed the SRO and RO training program at TMI!!  

As I've mentioned before, it was an intense program. This dinner was an opportunity to single out each new SRO and RO and welcome them into this elite "fraternity" of nuclear control room operators :) 

I was SO proud of Ryan. I could have cried, but didn't want to be "that" wife!! 

Ryan is the 12,077 person in the country {ever} to earn his SRO license. Isn't that amazing! Such an elite group of men and women! 

Receiving his official license from the head of operations {Ryan's boss' boss' know!}  

All the at home key supporters {that's me!} received a bottle of wine and box of chocolate! Yes!  

Check our the plant managers face in the background of this picture -- everyone was happy they passed! ha!

Group shot of the trainers, bosses, and new SRO and ROs. 
Notice there is one girl among this group of men -- I was impressed by her :) 

SO proud of Ryan and SO happy this part of his job journey is over! 

One more week of training and then he's ready to start shift work....let our new {and very different} schedule begin! 

The real party for his success is in July! FIESTA at our house! OLE!! 

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Emily said...

Go Ryan! I'm proud of him too {but kind of extra proud of the girl you pointed out. It can't be easy to be the only woman in the program - go lady!}

Wish we could be there for the fiesta - it sounds awesome! I'm still working on it... :-)

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