Monday, June 25, 2012


Last week I headed up to Williamsport to watch my nephew {who is an official 3rd grader!!} play in a baseball all-star tournament. They were on game 3 and up against some really big kids! 

His team is young, but driven. They did an awesome job and put up a good fight. It was clear they all tried their very best!!

Number 9 is my guy -- love him!

He played well! SO much better than when I saw him during his T-ball days :) 

He had a stellar pop up catch at 3rd base to get his team a much needed out near the beginning of the game, and then pitched his little arm out. He has a good arm and I had NO idea he could pitch!!  

Because they weren't advancing to the next round, they each received an honorary medal. O's first medal :) Proud Aunt moment....

And to top it all off, Chris celebrated his 40th birthday! Happy Birthday Coach Chris!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a whole bunch of kids huddled around a cake and cupcakes! 

Who wants chocolate??

Love this little man! Hopefully I make it up for another game this summer! 

But maybe not when it's 100 degrees! We were roasting! :0P

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