Thursday, August 18, 2011

summer goals

My summer starts on Friday around 5:30 :0)

Well, that's the way I like to think about it anyways.

I'm a substitute teacher, so throughout the school year my schedule is very flexible and quite a bit more laid back than it is when I work full time as a summer day camp supervisor. My summer job is a lot of fun, but just sucks up a lot of my time. Go figure....don't all jobs do that?!?

Since the camp ends on Friday, I'm going to start some summer projects I've wanted to tackle before the subbing season starts to pick up!

1. get Sunday paper and start organizing coupons
2. make a list of new recipes I want to try
3. make a yellow pillow for the guest bedroom
4. paint the bathroom downstairs
5. clean the fish tank {oy ve!}
6. spray paint some things {bedside table in office}

Happy Summer :0)

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