Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my new diggs

There are so many things I'm looking forward to in our new house, I thought I might just highlight a few!

Right now, we have a closet for our washer and dryer. Space is limited, but it's better than a laundromat!

Our new place has a room, you can actually walk into! We just bought a deep laundry tub too! There's a spot for it right next to the dryer. I think I'm going to love the fact that once we start having kids and laundry doubles overnight, I can simply pull the door closed and VOILA laundry is gone! It's also upstairs -- huge plus!

This is a big one for me! We store our food in our cabinets now, which leaves little room for our fun small appliances and wedding gifts I'd like to have access to, to use, more often. Soon we'll have a whole entire closet dedicated to food...bwhaha!

I'm an organizer junkie and the idea of having a whole closet to get all the can goods lined up and packets of chili seasoning arranged is a dream!

My goal is to have a shoe free home. To me, this sounds extremely challenging considering that I hate taking my shoes off and putting them on. I hope a mudroom helps. Once I see how nasty with mud, dirt, grass, etc it gets, hopefully I'll be more inclined to shed the shoes and keep the rest of our home floors nice and clean!!

It's 10' long. With a sink that faces the breakfast windows.

Need I say more.

We feel so lucky to be going through this process!

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