Monday, March 28, 2011

make our house monday: week 2

Welcome to Make Our House Monday: Week 2

Unfortunately, so far there's not much new. We met with the builder {Brian} this morning and it looks like they will try to break ground this Wednesday or Thursday!

It's crazy how fast the whole process will go once they start. Brian has made settlement for June 3 -- that's quick! We trust the process and pray everything goes smoothly.

He gave us a very detailed list of dates and a description of what's to happen. For example:
April 12 - steel beams delivered
April 27 - exterior door and trim installation
May 2 - insulate walls
May 23 - install mirrors, wire shelving, bath accessories, shower doors, firplace start up, etc.

The list included each date from now until June 3! I was pleased to see the details.

But so far our lot still looks like this: {the white flags are the corners of our house}
We are a little concerned/disappointed with the amount of yard we will have in the back, but we are trying to keep our thoughts positive and remind ourselves of all the blessings we have been given by God. They are not going to clearout as much brush & trees as we had hoped, so it looks like Ryan might need to buy a chain saw!

This is our neighbor. They have the same model as us...just different siding and stone. There won't be a house in between's a hill and in the winter a snow easement area {aka: sledding area for our kids :0)}

And here's the road leading down to our home. They've gotten these 3 up pretty quick!

Hopefully next week we'll see a foundation! Stay tuned...

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