Wednesday, February 23, 2011

we found a house!

Here it is!'s coming! Ryan and I are so blessed to be able to build a home! I like to call it our "Dream Home" because it meets my 2 dream home requirements: granite counter tops and a large pantry :0)

This is the information we got after the first meeting:

We also got a user name and password to go online and chose from over 1,500 choices for our new home. The possibilities are only if our budget was endless...

Just Kidding!

We know that the gifts we receive on earth are temporary and given to us by God, so we're going to thank Him and enjoy them thoroughly! Eek! I'm so excited about our new place!

If the meetings go as planned and everything lines up it looks like we'll be moving this summer! Whoa.

I'll definitely be posting pictures of the progress and keeping everyone updated! Sorry if it's super boring to you...I always love seeing other people's home, especially if they are in the process of building!

1 comment:

Karen said...

congrats! excited to watch the build!

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