Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Andrew's baby dedication

Ryan and I made a quick trip to Rochester, NY this weekend to be a part of Baby Andrew's church dedication.

Some churches/denominations chose to baptize babies and others prefer to dedicate them. As part of the dedication ceremony the child's parents, family, and friends are asked to commit to raising the child in a Christian environment and with strong Christian morals.

As Andrew's Aunt and Uncle, we wanted to be sure that we were there to commit and support our family! We were so blessed to have time {and good weather} to make the trip!

Andrew is just a doll and is growing into the cutest little boy!

The whole Harris family {minus Shannon :0(} and Marissa's parents squeezed into the front row at church! We wanted to be as close as possible!

Lynn is looking at Andrew, no doubt :0)

There were 2 babies dedicated at church that morning. They were several months apart, but just the sweetest looking little ones. I love this picture of everyone praying and Andrew looking up to the Heavens. He knows he's loved by someone much bigger than all of us.

We headed to the Olive Garden for lunch and Andrew took a nap! So much excitement for such a little guy!

We love you Andrew!

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