Thursday, February 17, 2011

my protector

See that little dog on the right side of the screen....he's a jealous, protective little dog.

He loves Ryan, but only if he's not trying to kiss or hug me. He hates this and does everything in his 12lb power to stop it!

Phinley has never tried to snap or bite Ryan for getting close, but he'll usually jump and jump and jump, between us, so we separate. 9x out of 10 little dog loses and Ryan and I embrace extra long while we're commanding him to sit and wait until we're done.

He just gets so jealous. Can you believe it? My sweet little furry friend, jealous?

We do spend hours and hours together on days that I don't sub. We take 2 walks a day together and I'm the hand that generally feeds wonder there's a connection!

The other night it was hilarious because as I was sitting on the chair Ryan leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. Phinley SPRINTED from where he was to jump on my lap and try to get in between us.

Ryan scooped him up, held him away, and kissed me again....just to prove his power I think.

Once Ryan returned to the sofa, Phin-dog ran over, put 2 paws up on the edge and gave Ryan the most intense doggie stare down I've ever seen. Then, he ran over and sat on my lap. The whole time he had this look of "don't mess with MY Erin" all over his face.

We were both laughing! Phinley was so intense!

Then, today as I was walking him another dog approached us to say hi. Phinley was fine with the other dog, until it moved toward me so I could pet him. Phin started to bark and kind of was not his character at all!!

He's usually so friendly and LOVES to see other dogs and I guess he did, until it got close to me!

I love the Phinster, but I didn't like how he was acting so jealous!

Any suggestions of what to do? I want him to be somewhat protective, but keep his fun, loving, sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly disposition too!

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