Thursday, January 20, 2011

my running manatra

What the heck is a running manatra?

Good question.

Very simply put: a few words that you say to yourself over and over to get you through a run or race.

You can read a whole article about it in Runner's World.
Some people try to think up their running manatra -- mine was unknowingly given to me.

I was making my first turn on the course of 1/2 marathon relay when I saw some friends from church. It was actually our worship leader and 2 of his kids! They just saw me as I passed and with my back to them I heard Derek yell out a "Run Strong!"

Those 2 words have stuck with me ever since.

I ran as fast as I could that day {even suprising Ryan} the whole time saying over and over "run strong, run strong."

Every run since then I find that when I get tired or start to slow I cling to my new manatra....Run Strong and you know what?? It actually works!

Thanks Derek! I'm sure you had no idea you did that!

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