Friday, January 21, 2011

i made a craft

And I'm kinda proud of it.

I haven't made anything for such a long time. I just haven't felt motivated at all to buy supplies and labor at something I could probably buy for 1/2 the price {on sale!}.

BUT! When I saw this I just had to give it a try! I also saw it here :0)

What you need:
1) Hot glue gun
2) Remnant piece of fabric {mine was 70% off at Jo-Anne Fabrics}
3) Chain {also purchased at Jo-Anne's}
4) 1 sq. foot piece of felt
5) Sharp scissors {mine were horribly made the cutting long and tough}

That's it!!
Cut 5 - 1in felt circles. I measured and cut 1, then used that as a pattern.

Cut many many many circles from the remnant {use the felt circle as a pattern.}

Take each fabric circle and fold in half several times. Place a dot of hot glue at the bottom of each folded circle {right where my finger and thumb are grasping the fabric} and put it on the felt circle.

Continue gluing on pieces of fabric until the circle is covered. I was skeptical at first, but once I started getting more pieces on it really started to take shape....they kind of flopped around at first!!

Soon you'll have 5 felt circles covered! It was about 1.5 Glee episodes on Hulu for me :0D

Lay the pom-pom circles on the remaining felt in the shape you want your necklace.

Hot glue them all on EXCEPT for the top 2 pom-poms!

Glue the end of your chain onto the top 2 pom-poms. I glued the chain about 1/2in. down onto the felt to create some durability. Then, glue those pom-poms onto the felt. Be sure the chain's direction is going up when you glue and not off to the side or anything crazy like that...I learned that the hard way. Anyways....

Cut off all the remaining felt. This will take a bit of time but makes the necklace, well....a necklace! It turns a felt blob into this.....

It's big and BOLD!

I don't think I'll wear it everyday, but it's fun :0) Right?!?! I'm just happy it turned out even close to what I was going for. Next time I'd definitely tone down the pom-poms...not quite so many fabric circles!


Jess said...

I LOVE it! Can you make me one!?!? :)

Andrea said...

Very cute! I'd love to try that and make a headband out of it!

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