Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend recap...a few days late

Ryan and I had a fun weekend!

Friday night the boys youth group {and some leaders} came over to play video games, so I got out of the house...quick.

I met my friend Jess for dinner at the Hershey Pantry -- LOVE that place! After dinner another friend, Erin, joined us for the most amazing dessert....ever. It was seriously so so so good! I got coconut cake, although we all shared a bit and Jess' was my absolute favorite....chocolate cake with pb icing! The cake was SO moist -- yum! :0) Hopefully Ryan treats me to a special Valentine's Day dessert!!

When I got back the boys were still gaming, so Phinley and I went to bed early and snuggled :0) It sounded like they had an awesome time!

Saturday morning I went for a long run and then we just bummed around the house. It was good to hang out -- boring as that sounds!

Sunday is Ryan's study days, so that's what he did all day. I watched DVR'd shows with Phinley....we had lots to catch up on!

Hope you had a good weekend! Can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already!

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