Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas with Grandma Lee

We had plans to spend Christmas with Grandma Lee and the Sambataro crew {Ryan's Mom's side of the family} on December 27th. They get together every year on that same day. It's a combination celebration of Christmas and many birthdays {Darren, Ryan, Uncle Sam, and cousin Jack!}

Little did we know that there was going to be a huge snow storm and we'd have to postpone until...this past weekend!

Ryan and I made the trip out and back to NJ in one day, but it was totally worth it.

We arrived a little early so we stopped for a drink and a dollar double at BK. Ryan's such a great dining companion -- "heelllooo over there!" Haha! He's usually not this bad.

We both drank a medium soda in a matter of 10mins. I felt sick, he felt excited about getting a refill before we left.

Everything was new and different about Christmas with Grandma Lee this year. All years prior to this, the family has met in a large room at the apartment complex where she lives. This year parties weren't allowed {or something like that}, so it was moved to a local restaurant!

Grandma Lee planned an awesome lunch for everyone! We had our own room and a looooon table :0) Everyone fit!!
We we were super hungry when it started and that was good because the food just kept coming and coming and coming PLUS homemade desserts from the family!!

We exchanged presents and chatted until it was time to head home!

We are so thankful that decided to make the trip! Thanks for a wonderful lunch and afternoon Grandma Lee!

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