Tuesday, January 11, 2011

arepa! arepa!

Doesn't that sound like something you should shout at a Latin wedding or celebration or something??

Ryan and I tried out a new restaurant this weekend -- Arepa City Latin Eatery! I feel like I just need to shout the AREPA!!

We aren't known for going anywhere other than our usual 5 or so places to eat, so trying out somewhere new is kind of a big deal for us!

It was different and delicious! Soo soooo good!

I felt kinda stupid when I had to ask the waitress what an arepa was, but other than that it was great! And for those of you who don't know: an arepa is a flat round, unleavened patty made of cornmeal which can be grilled, baked, or fried! I think mine was grilled.

If you're in Harrisburg and looking for a place to try I would definitely recommend Arepas! It really is super yummy and a good price!

AREPA! {haha...couldn't resist}

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