Sunday, December 19, 2010

one of my favorite sundays

Yesterday was one of my favorite Sunday services of the year: Baby Dedication!

Our church has had mini-baby boom this past summer & fall, so there were many babies to be dedicated!

All the babes were so freakin' cute, but this little man 2 rows ahead of us really caught my eye :0) Notice the pocket square? detail unnoticed!

Each side had 3 sets of parents.

Two of the babies were adopted, which was a miracle for both couples in many ways.

Each couple brought their child on stage and read a special Bible verse they chose, then Pastor Todd read a scripted dedication. The babies expressions were priceless when Pastor Todd laid his hand on them. Some just gazed into his face and others stared straight ahead! Elias clapped when he was finished {praise the Lord I'm dedicated to you!! Yay!}...that's what I think he was thinking...

It brought tears to my eyes knowing that so many of our friends and church family have committed their sons and daughters to God's family. Praise God!

If the baby dedication isn't exciting enough, the children's church also shared 2 songs! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time -- they were the cutest thing ever. I didn't realize we had so many little ones in our church {our church isn't that big} and they're usually all running around. They really add up when you get them together in one big group :0) You could tell they were all so excited about Christmas!

After church, Ryan and I headed over to the Clays for a FEAST! They had the very best spread of food, which Evan {Daddy of dedicated Elias} decided to step in.

Nice one :0)

Amazing cake and desserts

And, of course, watching the man of the day.

Elias, Charlotte, Alice, Molli, Anthony, and Vivian you are such a special part of our church family!

See you in the nursery in a couple of weeks....

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