Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a very Berry Christmas!

Ryan and I made a quick trip to Williamsport on Saturday to have a very "Berry" Christmas with my sister's family and some of her husband's extended family.

Owen and I got to work right away baking and decorating cookies!

He had these neat Christmas tree and gingerbread men kits that included icing and decorations. They were simple and really easy!

I was so proud of his Santa gingerbread man. He used the box as a guide...

To make the Santa looks just right...

And boy, it looked GREAT!

The Christmas trees had this neat edible paint we used to give them color after the icing dried.

I thought they came out great. These ones tasted good too :0)

Once everyone got to the party Owen had some very special presents to give out. He got his Dad a mountain bike...I'm not sure who was more excited: Chris or Owen? I've never seen a little kid so excited to be giving the presents!

He also gave him the coolest shirt. He drew/colored a picture, that was then scanned and digitally applied onto the back of a t-shirt. His Dad will be wearing his art! I should have taken a picture -- it was the neatest thing!! Jenn {my sister} always has the best and most unique ideas!

This years theme for Owen's gifts were LEGOS! He loves them and has about a quadrillion {ok, not that many....but a lot!!} He was so precious -- he would go sit next to the person who gave him his present as he opened it, then give them a hug and say thank-you right away. Brings tears to my eyes! He's so grateful!

This boy loves his Mom!
We had a lovely time!
Thanks for letting us invite ourselves to your party!! :0)

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Emily said...

Berry Christmas!

Looks like a lot of fun!

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