Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hittin' the road to my grandfather's wedding

This weekend we hit the road to NC!

Friday night {after a long day of working and an eye doctor appointment} Ryan, Phinley, and I headed to my parents in NC!

That first night's drive was long and very tiring, but we made it in around 1am!

Phinley had a blast the whole trip down! He either sleeps or sticks his head out the window :0)

By the time we unpacked the car, got Phin settled, and got ourselves settled and sleeping it was around 3:30am! The next morning we were up and in the car again headed to Washington, NC for my grandfather's wedding {the reason for our trip!}

Poppy met Lana, his bride, while attending church. They hit it off right from the start and from the sounds of it, have been acting very young and in love every since!

The ceremony and reception was for a small gathering, but so beautiful and tasteful. My Mom worked long and hard to organize and decorate the reception area.

I'm proud of all she did! I wish I had some pictures to show you! I wasn't able to get many pics of the wedding because I got to watch Asher most of the time!

My sister, Emily, was the official photographer of the I kept on eye on her little man.

These next 2 pics are shamelessly stolen from her blog :0) Thanks Em!

My grandfather and Lana -- so happy!

It's not everyday you get to attend your grandfather's wedding!

Ryan and I were blessed to be there!

More to come about our road trip.....

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