Wednesday, October 6, 2010

howdy ya'll

Going to my grandfather's wedding last weekend in NC was great, but that's not all the fun we had.

Usually when we visit my parents we relax...a lot. My mom is so great about having everything nice and ready it's hard not to feel like we're on a mini-vacation.

Ryan loves and embraces this fully :0)

I usually do too, but this time I wasn't so sure how things would go considering we had Phinley with us. Any other time it wouldn't be a big deal, but this was the first time he would be with Asher and around all his little baby things!

Phinley is a great dog, but he goes a little crazy about kids, babies, anything that is about his size {go figure}. I just didn't want to have to keep a hold of Phin's leash the whole time, but I was ready to! This weekend was like a little test for Phinley, to see if we could bring him back with a little babe in the house.

Well he totally passed! I was so proud of my little dog :0)

He hates the water bottle, so we just very strategically positioned 2 of the around the perimeter where Asher played and Phinley didn't bother him -- it was like an invisible wall between the Phinster and Ash! It seriously worked like a charm!

Looks like we'll be able to bring him back for Thanksgiving! I think Asher liked him too...he got so excited whenever Phinley would follow him around :0)

And even though Phinley did sneak a few licks in on Asher, he had plenty of people waiting and ready to scoop him up to safety!

My Dad loved toting Ash around. They went on all kinds of adventures together -- like out to get dinner cooked on the grill!

Nice job on the spare ribs :0D

We had a great time!

Even the drive home wasn't too bad....

See ya'll in a few weeks!

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