Wednesday, October 20, 2010

headin' west: part 2

Sunday was another great day for the girls {and little man, Elias!}

We didn't get to sleep in quite as long today :0) -- I actually went for a short run before we left for church, so I was up extra early. I forgot what it was like to run on flat was wonderful!

After a bit, we managed to get out the door and just make it to Cherie's church on time. It's always a joy to attend my friends' church. Partly because it's something new and different {who doesn't like to change it up once in a while} and also because it's where they spend one of the most important parts of their week!

I really liked it! The pastor spoke about Esther and making a choice to live with purpose, rather than on accident! I was inspired :0)

Sunday was super gorgeous, so after a home cooked meal {thank you Cherie!}, we went for a walk in the most beautiful park right down the street from her apartment!

While the other girls were getting ready, Elias and I decided to have a little fun with this leaf. I thought it would be a cute picture {like leaves falling on babies}, but as soon as I stepped away he tried to eat it. Bad idea Miss Erin :0P At least I got this picture in!!

Like I said, it was a gorgeous day!
Perfect day to go to the park!

Cherie & I

Jess, Elias, & Cherie

As we were walking, we spotted this sign for the Stutzmans! We didn't know you were into Indiana!

The rest of the afternoon we just sat around, talked {more!}, and hung out with Webster!

Webster was Cherie's roomate's 14/15 year old dog. He was slow, but still very fun! He liked to lick the crumbs off the carpet in the kitchen.

I'm pretty sure I was allergic to him. By the end of the trip I had an itchy throat, itchy water eyes, stuffed up nose, and sneezed a lot. Hmmm....I wonder!

Good thing I'm not like that with Phin-dog! I still liked you though Web!

Webster really liked Jess and Elias. He followed them all over the apartment :0D

We spent the rest of our last day eating out and praising Elias for sitting up like a big boy in the highchair!

I swear we were more entertained by this little guy....

Day 2 = complete success!


Emily said...

Um, does Eli ever NOT smile? He is too cute! It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Daniel Stutzman said...

I'm stealing that picture...

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