Tuesday, October 19, 2010

headin' west: part 1

I decided to break up our trip into parts for several reasons:
1) I didn't have time to document our entire journey at one sitting.
2) You would have been bored stiff from reading so much.
3) Each day was so fun and special it deserved it's own post!

Saturday morning was wonderful.....and lazy! We all slept in and then hung out in our pajamas until about 10 -- that's soo late for me!

It was glorious :0)

Here's where I slept -- I managed to squeeze our huge air mattress into their computer room. It was so cozy!

We just ate and talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. It's what girls do best you know.

Then we all got ready for our big plan that day: shopping.

Elias was by far the best dressed!

Isn't that hat and sweater just the cutest? He got so many compliments on his little newsboy hat -- the Vera Bradley ladies especially loved it. They just thought it was the most adorable thing, I totally agree!

We hit Target, then chick-fil-a for lunch. Shopping is always easier with a little chick-fil-a to keep you energized!

When we were at chick we met the sweetest woman ever, Aunt Shirley {seriously, that's what was on her name tag!} She was a little older, but after a short conversation with her, clearly young at heart.

I tried not to be a creepy stalker, but I just had to get a picture of her! Here she is to the right of Jess and Elias.

Thanks Aunt Shirley! You're the reason we keep coming back to chick-fil-a!

Throughout the day, Elias was my little back seat buddy. He was a hoot and smiled, seriously, every time I talked to him!

The whole weekend we had the most beautiful weather!

We stopped at these wonderful shops where there was a live band and Elvis impersonator {who was female}, but yeah, they were awesome!

I love these girls {and boy!}

As I mentioned earlier, Elias just goes with the flow. He can eat anywhere :0P

The biggest part of our day was when Cherie bought a new Mac laptop! She decided to wait and buy until she had friends around for support -- I don't blame her! That's a big purchase!

Jess entertained us while Cherie made her choice....

Haha...from giggles and laughter to feeding{that's all business!}. The life of a baby I guess!

I didn't take any pictures past this point because once we got back to Cherie's apartment we were so busy baking frozen pizzas, making peppermint patty brownies {SO good!}, and playing around with her new mac I was just too busy!

Day 1 = complete success!

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