Tuesday, October 19, 2010

headin' west: the drive

Friday afternoon Jess and I loaded up her Cobalt and headed west to visit our friend and college roommate, Cherie!

Me, Cherie, Jess, & Elias {strapped to Jess :0)}
Her little boy, Elias, was such a great baby the entire weekend, but especially on the 9 hour drive out! He just slept, ate, and played with his link-a-dos the entire time :0) I don't think he had an outburst once!

The drive out was easy and quick. We stopped several times to use the bathroom, eat, change poopy diapers, and just stretch our legs! I've been on many long road trips and it makes such a difference to stop a few times so it doesn't feel like you're in the car non-stop!

I couldn't have asked for an easier pair of roadies!

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