Thursday, October 21, 2010

barkeyville, pa

Where is Barkeyville?

Good question.

Barkeyville, PA is here:

A small, sketchy town in the middle of nowhere between Fort Wayne, IN and Harrisburg, PA.

Why does it matter?

Even better question.

This town single handedly took Jess and I's trip home from Indiana to a whole new level.

I won't go into "just had to be there" details, but in our 30min lunch stop we managed to:
1)Nix a subway located inside a sketchy Kwik Fill gas station.
2)Eat at a Burger King easily from the early 90s.
3)Talk to a creepy {but I'm sure was really nice} man with the most horrible mullet I'd ever seen....

{picture this cut, but a little more fluffy in the back and with bangs}

About how Elias was such a great little boy, just like his nephew who he took to the zoo the other day who really really liked the penguins. But who doesn't like penguins, right?

"I like the penguins too" - says Jess as she shuffles away grasping Elias close to her chest.

And finally,

4)Empty an entire container of salt onto the floor. Think huge mound of salt -- I kid you not...the entire container. I'll blame this one on Jess and her super cute new Vera Bradley diaper bag ;-)

Way to go Jess!

The best part was that after I got in the car and tried to figure out where the heck we were {we asked ourselves that several times after looking at the population in the BK} to my surprise we were in Barkeyville!

Of course we were, because any other town name would have been just too normal.

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