Sunday, September 26, 2010

veggie tales

Saturday morning Ryan and I spent some time surrounded by veggies!

And I'm not talking about the singing, dancing veggies that spread the good news of Jesus either....I'm talking about good wholesome, organic vegetables!

Brent and Crystal {friends of ours from church} recently introduced us to CSA: Community Supported Agriculture.

This is a membership based group that shares fresh, organic crops. You can have a CSA membership at many locations/farms, but the one we went to visit was Spiral Path Farm.

When you become a member, you pay to have a fresh box of veggies delivered to a drop off site weekly. In that box is a variety of vegetables, herbs, sometimes fruit, and a weekly newsletter describing the veggies and different ways to prepare them. There are multiple drop off places around Harrisburg, so you chose the one closest to your home.

Since Brent and Crystal are members, they are invited to "open farm" days where they can go and share food with other members, enjoy hay rides around the farm, pick their own herbs and flowers, pick a pumpkin, and grab some extra vegetable that have been left over from the season!

Ryan and I are really interested in becoming members, so we went along to check out the farm!
It was wonderful...isn't it beautiful?!?

I learned a lot about the farm, like how they keep the insects from eating it all!

And how they water their veggies to make them taste the best {or not water them...they hold out for the rain!}
Since the CSA is open to join anytime, I think Ryan and I are going to try it for the last few weeks of the season. Shipments end at the end of November.

We're going to see if I can commit to cooking all the different varieties of veggies and if we can commit to eating all the veggies...

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