Saturday, September 25, 2010

can you see me now?

Ryan had a pretty big weekend so far...

He got a new pair of eyes!

Out with the glasses and contacts -- FOREVER!

Last year around this time, I had Lasik surgery done, so this year it was Ryan's turn. He watched my surgery {all the gross and nastiness of it} and was brave enough to go through with it this year!

He did such an amazing job!
It's hard to lay still as still as possible when you know someone is cutting and shooting lasers into your eyes!

Anyone who has had Lasik knows the recovery is about a week, but the majority of the pain and discomfort comes immediately afterwards.

Ryan came home and went straight to bed. He felt some stinging and grittiness as he fell asleep, but the next morning was feeling great. His right eye is pretty red from the first part of the procedure, but that will fade shortly.

In the meantime these super cool looking sunglasses will keep anyone from being completely freaked out.

He gets to wear them all day inside and out!

Oh, and his vision checked out 20/15 today! Awesome B-)

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