Sunday, September 5, 2010

lions, tigers, & church friends

Well....maybe not lion and tigers, but definitely church friends {and lots of babies!}

I hate camping. It's a simple fact that many people know about me, however, I love being around our church family so I made a deal with Ryan....

I'd go camping if there were lots of new babies, friends, weather around a cool 75 degrees, sun, a slight breeze, and good food.

With a promise of all of the above, I helped pack our car Friday night to go out in the scary, bug ridden wilderness for 1 night and 2 days.

And you know was a blast! Well...the trip to the bathroom at 1am wasn't so much fun. Or the lack of sleep I got. Or the billion bug bites around my ankles, but overall I had a great time and do you know why?

Because I was with some pretty awesome people!

After a 6 mile run on Saturday morning, I tried to stay as lazy as possible.

I was doing a pretty good job until someone suggested going for a walk and it was so beautiful outside I couldn't resist!

There were {of course} babies on the walk so that bumped up my interest quite a bit. They are just so darn cute strapped in those strollers!

Ryan, Evan, Jess, Baby Eli, Crystal, Baby Charlotte, and Toddler Lucas made up part of the walking crew.

Derek {pictured next to Ryan} also strolled with Anthony -- who just became an official Thrush family member...remember the adoption?!.

After the walk I was pretty tired and couldn't wait to get my hands on a little baby...the campsite was flooded with them! I can't say enough how much I admire the lovely ladies who had little babies camping with them! Granted, they slept a lot and had many hands around to help, but still!

Here I am with baby Vivian {she was born about 4 weeks ago!}. Don't you just love the name Vivian?

I'm not too crazy about my new do in this picture, but when you're camping in the depths of the forest {or a state park} who has time to actually do their hair?

I knew you would understand.

During the day we ate, played games, and lounged like crazy. Comfy Stutz?

Ryan and I can't say enough how blessed we are to be a part of the Devonshire church family! We feel so welcomed and's more than I ever could have imagined for us :0)

P.S. I totally forgot my camera, so these few pictures were taken on my phone. If I had my camera there were be so much more!

Hope you have a great labor day weekend holiday!

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