Thursday, September 2, 2010

LBI mini-vacation

Something horrible was missing from our summer, up until Sunday night....

Ryan and I finally made it to the beach! We were able to spend a few days visiting my Great Aunt Betty and her daughter {my cousin}, Carol -- she lives on Long Beach Island in NJ. I remember visiting as a child with my Grammy and Pappy. They are some of my most favorite memories.

We were only there for three nights and three days, but got in plenty of beach time. Ryan is ghostly white, so he kept his shirt on the whole time :0) I tried desparately to even out my shorts and tank top tan {thank you summer day camp}.

Our visit was great! It actually turned into two visits in 1! My sister, Emily, was also on LBI visiting her in-laws the same week we were there! We stopped by to see her the first day we were there -- it was fun to watch Asher experience the beach! Then, she stopped by to see us!

Aunt Betty is super fun and very good at entertaining -- Asher thought she was so funny!

I'm not sure what Aunt Betty was doing to get this smiley little face, but it must have been good!

Aunt Betty, Emily, and Asher having fun on the floor.

I think both of our faces look funny in this picture {my hair is also very beachified and gross}! Asher loves the leaves on the trees. A. Betty gave them a little shake and he just laughed and laughed! It was awesome :0)
We had such a great mini-vacation! Thanks Aunt Betty for letting us stay!

And even though we left with a car full of goodies {it's impossible to leave Aunt Betty's without a plethora of food} we were sad to leave....


Emily said...

We loved seeing you and Ryan! I can't believe how much Aunt Betty was able to get on the floor with A - she's a hoot!

Meredith said...

awesome pictures, especially the one of you and Asher on the porch and you and Grandma :)

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

I love your Grandma! She cracked me up the whole time we were there -- it was a blessing to be able to spend a few days with her {and your mom!}

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