Monday, September 13, 2010

lake tobias

Saturday morning we headed with the Stutzman's to meet our life group at Lake Tobias!

It was a beautiful day and we had an awesome time!

I won't babble on about what we saw...take a look for yourself.

Cracker eating, wild strong man Ryan {and his beautiful wife :0P}
Lots of cute kids who wanted to play with the alligators.

Adorable babies in strollers {of course!}

And an adorable baby strapped to her Momma!

A family who couldn't wait to see show their baby all the wild animals {he fell asleep shortly after the bus ride started}.

A man who let this large, deer like animal take a piece of dried corn from his mouth.

Big, black, slobbery tongues.

Cracker eating, strong man Ryan's rival. He could have totally taken this thing down.

Another large fuzzy animal with a cracker on his head/fro.

A very pregnant goat in the petting zoo.

And, of course, a stroller gang.

What more could you want from a trip to a wild animal park in mid-state PA?

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