Sunday, September 12, 2010

half of a half

This morning was special because Ryan and I ran our first race together -- as a team!

Team Harris totally kicked butt!

It wasn't looking so good in the morning with a cold, steady rain, but we pulled through and both beat our individual goal times and I beat my personal goal!

This pretty much sums up how I felt when I looked out our bedroom window and saw the rain. Boo.

But even with the rain we were pumped and ready to go! I played a little something special while we ate breakfast to get our energy up :0)

Shoot, I didn't get the short shorts in the picture. Anyways....

Ryan was waiting for me at the relay switch point when I finished my portion, so I don't have any pictures of me running, but that's okay because I was hot and sweaty and trying so hard to catch up to the person ahead of me I didn't have time to worry about getting my picture taken!

I wanted to run at a 9min/mile pace and ended up completing at just under 8:30 pace! I started the relay and had a ridiculously slow start -- it was out of control. They had hundreds of runners going from a super wide open area to a one lane road full of huge puddles everyone was trying to dodge. Ridiculous.

Anyways...I passed tons of people {because they were all running twice as far as me} and it felt so good! hehe I doubt the next time I run a half that will happen!

When I finally got to Ryan, I was so happy that I had beat my goal time I basically couldn't breath because I was crying! Haha! I'm so pathetic and get seriously choked up when I do better than I think.

Let's fast forward to when Ryan came across the finish line. I knew he would do amazing and HE DID!

He looked great and not nearly as tired as last year when he completed the whole thing {duh...he did 6.5 more miles last time!}

Shortly after Ryan finished, Stutz crossed the finish line! I love this much concentration! {By the way -- what do you think that guy looking at him is thinking?}

Nice job guys! In line waiting for some food!

Stutz's wife, Erin, also completed the half! It was her first 1/2 marathon and she did absolutely amazing! I was so impressed.

She has been training so hard for weeks and I just knew she would get an excellent time, which she did! Way to go Erin :0)

Whatcha guys lookin' at??

We're so glad you're our running friends :0)

I thought it was funny and totally appropriate that we got one medal, so we each had to get our picture with it on!

I'm so proud of us! We even managed to be the 2nd relay finishers and snag a plaque {or plak...however you want to spell it! haha I had a total mind block when I was trying to figure out that word!!} We even stayed an extra hour just to hear our names called and get our little reward.

Looks like we make a pretty good team!


Emily said...

You ran a RACE today?? How did I not know that? Haha...why did you let me babble on about the mall, you had real news!

Great job you two! :o)

Daniel Stutzman said...

I didn't know you got a plaque!


Erin and Ryan Harris said...

Haha...I couldn't figure out how to spell plaque! I had a total mind block! Thanks Stutz!

Erin and Ryan Harris said...

And we got 2 plaques! Where should we hang them :0P

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