Friday, September 10, 2010

jean prep

I'm a little frustrated and because Phinley has no empathy whatsoever for my problem, I'll vent to you all about it :0)

Thanks for nothing Phin -- go back to sleep.

It's a challenge for me to find jeans that fit.

Just to get them over the rear and then buttoned in front without bunch or sag is the initial goal. Length usually comes in 2nd. I found a pair of jeans from Old Navy that I LOVE - they fit great in the front and around the thigh region {not too tight...this is a huge success}, however, the length stinks!

I'm average height. Like 5'5" average. So why do they make jeans so stinkin' long? I know that heels are in, but honestly how many of us women out there wear heels with our jeans and each and every single day?

I'll dress up a pair with boots when I go out and even though it's tempting to wear my stilletos to the grocery store I usually just go in flats or flip flops.

So I've ended up having to iron, pin, and re-iron my jeans so they are the right length.

And it's sooo annoying!

I'm not going to pretend there's not someone else out there who has trouble with their bottom half clothing.

What do you do to shorten a pair of long pants {and, yes, I've tried on the short...they're too short}??


Andrea said...

When I need a pair of pants shortened (which is pretty much almost every pair I buy) I send them to my mom's house and they magically come back perfect!

Sorry, I know I'm no help! :-P

Meredith said...

ARGH. I feel your pain. I've compromised with buying/wearing shoes that have maybe 2 inch heels, so they're still comfortable, not unbearable, and not too dressy.

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