Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Phinley has a friend over

Phinley has had a friend over for the last couple of days and I'm pretty sure he thinks he's in doggie heaven.

Not only is there someone to play with all the time; there's another dog to BUG and BOTHER all the time.

Poor Miga hasn't had more than 10 minutes alone without Phinley right there to sniff her butt or try and give her kisses {Phin is a very affectionate dog!}.

Even though Miga is bothered silly...I still think they're having fun together doing lots of things....

Including, but not exclusively, relaxing together

Watching TV with Miss Erin/Phinley's mom together

Sitting and waiting patiently for treats together

Except when Phinley couldn't wait {gosh. so embarrassing Phin.}

Getting into mischief together {breaking into the treat drawer}

Looking for anything and everything they could bark at outside

Until Phinley got bored...

And even though I'm pretty sure Phinley was so very excited to have a new {pretty female} best friend come spend the night, I think he was a little jealous of all the attention Miga was getting.

He would sit on my lap at the computer, which he rarely does when I'm home alone with him.

And needed tons of hugs and snuggles when Ryan took Miga for a quick job without him!!

Later, after the run, Phinley wouldn't leave me alone...he fell asleep on my lap, again :0)

Miga must have caught on at some point because before I knew it, the next morning she was pawing her way up onto my lap...I didn't know a dog her size would fit! She sat on me for a good 15mins -- it was so cute. Phinley almost had a heart attack.

And although there are a few issues with the dogs wanting to chew on the very same bone. Miga has been teaching Phin patience {and persistence}.

Bless his little heart. He wanted that bone so badly!


1 comment:

Emily said...

So cute! Maybe Phinley needs a permanent doggie friend. ;o)

But you'll need to grow a bigger lap!

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