Saturday, July 10, 2010

trouble at sea

This week Ryan and I are boarding ship and sailing out into a High Seas Expedition!!

Our church is sailing and exploring this week for VBS and Ryan & I thought we'd be crazy enough to hop aboard and lead crafts! Haha!

This morning we got back from NJ {after a fabulous late Friday night wedding} and started to work on getting all the supplies organized and last minute items bought for the upcoming week.

We were super excited when we first started, but then quickly lost all control of ourselves {and the kid friendly crafts.}

We had hopes of doing an awesome pinwheel the first day that would spin and spin and spin with colors, colors, magical colors that would mesmerize kids! It would be a glorious first craft -- so amazing! But, then....when we tried to put the stupid thing together it wouldn't work.

It would not spin.

Ugh. That's what pinwheels are suppose to do, right?

Haha! Not the ones we were trying to make. Forty five minutes later we were both intently watching a woman put one together on youtube {which spun like a champ} and made a new list of supplies for the craft store tomorrow. It was a bit amazing that it took us so long to realize we couldn't figure it out by just reading directions from 10 or so websites, but that we actually had to watch a woman teach to a 10 year old audience to figure it out.

Oh, dear. This is only the craft for the first day :0)

After that ordeal, we got a little nervous about the projects for the following days and started to frantically try and put them together.

The next one was great {spider spinner -- yay!} It worked like a champ and was super easy!

We also made the 1st craft for the K-1st graders. We weren't sure they could make a pinwheel {safely}, so we decided to have them make paper bag fish.

Ryan was excited to do this, I was not in the I just watched.

I've never seen my handy man do a craft before!

Phinley hasn't either -- he wasn't sure what to think!

Finished product!

When I first saw the front of his fish I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I couldn't stop laughing, because...well...his fish looked like a fish from the side and happy man from the front! It has a nose! hahaha

There was just something about it that tickled me and once I start a bent over, tears streaming down my face laugh, I just can't stop!!

Ryan was clearly proud of his work and asked me if I would be laughing at all the kids projects this week.

No, Ryan. I don't laugh at little children's artwork.

Just yours :0)

And no, not "everything about crafts is hard" {he said this while making the spider spinner} you just need more practice!!

In all seriousness, I had more fun working with Ryan on this over the last couple of days than I've had in a long time! He's a great partner and says the best things when we're working on kid projects!

Ships ahoy!

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