Sunday, July 11, 2010

sarracino wedding!

Ryan and I have had an extra long weekend because we got to take off and head to NJ on Friday for an afternoon wedding!

I've never been to a Friday wedding before, but I decided I like them because I got to take a day off work AND my weekend has felt really long! It was extra nice for Ryan and I because we have things to do for VBS and this way we were able to stay with his parents after the wedding, then head home Saturday morning have 2 whole days to get things done {if you read this mornings post you'll see that we needed the extra time! hehe}

The wedding was for a friend Ryan grew up with from his church. I've know Sarah since Ryan and I started dating, but haven't had a chance too spend too much time with her. However, from the conversations we've had she's really sweet and easy to talk to!

Her husband, Jon, is also really great! They make a beautiful couple!

I was so mad that I forgot my camera in my overnight bag, so I had to take all the pictures with my phone! They aren't too bad, but definitely not super quality! I did my best with what I had!

Here's the happy couple...just married!

The bridesmaid's dresses were absolutely gorgeous {and very flattering for all the girls -- always a plus}! They were a deep purple and wore gold dangle earrings which I loved!!

The beautiful bride!
It was the best shot I could get without anyone in my way!

Ryan and I waiting outside the church to throw the rose was a little warm :0)

Ryan was going to chuck the whole cup at Sarah and Jon, but I said no, so he just pretended to do it at me...

Good boy, Ryan. hahaha

I was so happy to see such a great Christian couple get married!

Darren and Kasie having fun with their petal cups -- they were a hit!

Ryan was just in Josh and Becky's wedding last November {over T-Day weekend!}. I loved their wedding too!
If you look real hard you can see me in the mirror taking a picture of the cake. I had 2 pieces of from the dessert table and one piece I grabbed in a to-go bag near the door {I ate it in the car, then felt sugar sick} hehe.

Seriously, such a stud!!

Or, well, okay a silly stud.

Thanks for such a great evening Lewis and Sarracino family!

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