Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving & The Perfect Harris Family Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving is over?

What the heck? How on earth did it fly by so fast! Ryan and I did a lot over the past weekend.

Thanksgiving morning we woke up nice and early to get started on our trek across the lovely state of PA to see Ryan's extended family in north Jersey.

Ryan hates driving in traffic so I wasn't sure how our trip was going to go, but we were pleasantly suprised by the amount of space on the road. I guess everyone was making food and watching the Macy's T-Day Parade!

When we travel long distances I try not to be too critical of Ryan's driving, because I know how much he hates to drive in lots of traffic and I only manage to make things worse. But, you know, sometimes I can't help grabbing the side of the door and screaming things like

"you're merging without loooookkinng!! Are you crazy? Check your blind spots!!!"
"brake brake BRAKE"
"you're going to fast"
"you're going to slow"

You know...stuff like that.

But look, he doesn't even have his eyes open the whole time!! He needs a dedicated passenger seat driver!

I can't even see if his eyes are open in this picture!

Needless to say, we made it safe and sound!

We had a delicious dinner at his Aunt Gail's house. We had turkey, stuffing, all the extras, and, of course, a nice big lasanga!
Ryan looks happy (and full!)

Thursday night we headed to Kasie and Darren's house for dessert! I've never seen so many yummy treats on one table...seriously. I was in dessert heaven! I ate another dinner that consisted of only sweets and p-nuts -- it was glorious :0) I didn't have my camera, so no pictures, but trust me....it was fabulous!
Friday morning we headed out to pick the Harris family Christmas tree -- it's a family tradition!
Sadie needed her coat...it was freezing outside!

Ryan, Darren, and Kasie starting off to look at the trees!

Darren, Kasie, and Sadie browsing the selection!

Ryan and I :0) He looks so manly in this picture!

Before we went to this place, we called and were told that all the trees were freshly cut. This is somethig that's very important to the Harris family -- they've had bad experiences in the past with trees losing all of their needles right after Christmas (like the next day).
So after we got there, picked out the perfect tree, we then proceeded to watch this young guy untie it from a pole and carry it out from the line up -- we all gasped because he DIDN'T CUT IT! (I knew that pole wasn't there to keep the tree straight while it grew!)
Say what? I guess I always thought you used a saw to freshly cut down a tree, but this guy instantly uprooted the whole thing from the ground? How did he do that? Is that even possible?
We soon came to find out (not only that our helper guy wasn't superman), but that the tree was freshly cut in NORTH CAROLINA and shipped up here to Jersey. Poo.
The look on all of our faces must have been seen for miles, because suddenly this older man showed up and assured us this tree was going. to. last.

We decided to give it a shot. Next year we're going somewhere different though!
Marissa, Jason, Ryan, Darren, and Kasie waiting for the tree to be ready!
We waited in the car for the tree to get loaded -- I needed to defrost my fingers and Ryan needed to cuddle with Sadie.

They love each other :0)

I haven't seen the tree with ornaments, but I did see it up with lights and it looks pretty perfect.
Not lets just hope it keeps its needles...


Lynn said...

This cracked me up!! First- Ryan drives like his dad and you speak my words in the car! Funny. Larry can also drive with his eyes closed (althought I wish I had a picture like yours to prove it!!)
The tree is interesting. Looks nice. Just don't touch it or walk too close or you hear- ping ping as lots of needles fall off. Maybe it will also not have any needles by Christmas!

Andrea said...

Fresh cut from North Caroloina!?? That should be a crime!! That's so fun that you all went together to pick out a tree though. Tree tagging was one of my favorite activities from this fall (right up there with apple picking!) :-)

Andrea said...


I do know how to spell, I promise.

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