Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not So Little Owen

If I haven't mentioned it recently, my nephew, Owen, is growing at warp speed.

I used to think it was because I didn't see him all the time, but now I'm convinced Jenn sneaks "fast growing" powder into his chocolate milk.

He's not only growing body wise, he's able to read certain words (on his own!), spell words (like on a spelling test!), and write his name nicely without thinking about it. "O-w-e-n" is what he used to say when he wrote it....not anymore! Now he just whips it down on paper!

Owen's heart is also growing. I love that little guy so much. He likes to hold hands and cuddle while we watch tv -- what's not to love?

I went to spend a couple of days with him and Jennifer this past weekend in Williamsport!

From the moment I stepped in the door we were busy busy! That night we tried out my new cookie press and made butter cookies....soooo good! Then we headed to bed early because, well, we needed our energy for Monday.

Here's O before we headed out on our all day errand running excursion: Surplus, Target, McDonalds (Owen's choice :0) ), Mall, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Giant...phew!

Don't worry...we fueled up on sticky buns before we headed out!

Later that night we relaxed by the tree.....

Owen practiced his dance moves.....

and funny faces....

then we read stories in bed and got another good nights rest, because school was the next day! Here's O all ready for the freezing cold mountainous air :0)

When I saw him get on that big yellow school bus I almost cried! He's getting so big - kindergarten....oh my! Where has the time gone? And where does Jenn get that powder?
Soon he'll be reading to me when I come to visit!

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