Saturday, November 28, 2009

Catch Up

Time to play a little catch up.

Since I spent the month of November sharing all things big and small that I was thankful for, I didn't share too much about what Ryan and I have been up to. Our lives are so crazy and wild and exciting I don't know if I can put it into words...

Or maybe I can.

The biggest thing in our lives right now is the outtage at Three Mile Island (TMI). We've been pinned at home because Ryan has had to work most of the weekends (at least Sat) and 10-12hrs the other days of the week. This past week was the best....he only worked about 50hrs! We still have this next month and the most stressful part still to come, but I know it will be over before we know it! At least we got to travel and see family over Thanksgiving -- this is something we didn't think was going to happen!

I have been subbing most days of the week. I was told 2 times, in one week, that I was the best sub in the whole world. That's always nice to hear :0) I also had a little first grade boy tell me he really liked my sweater (last year another little boy told me the same thing...there's something about that sweater I guess!) and another boy looked at me and said "I think I need a hug from you."

So precious.

My Dad had a birthday on Nov. 6!!
My Mom had a birthday on Nov. 16!!!
My good friend Jessica had a birthday on Nov. 10!!

I found out my good friend Jessica is expecting her first baby in May!! Yay!

I finished my Christmas shopping & wrapping! Woot Woot!

My sister's little bean grew a lot and is getting ready to join the world in December!

I was sick for about 2 weeks, then one day woke up feeling great!

I've been trying to run more intervals (speed stuff...kinda) on the treadmill and after the first time I was about 2x more sore than after running the marathon! NOW, I can't believe I was able to propel my body for that distance. What was I thinking?

We got other super great news from the Harris side, but I don't want to say quite yet.

I bumped bumpers with someone in the new super Giant parking lot on my first visit there. Don't worry, my car is fine!

We have the house pretty much decorated for Christmas! All we need to do is get the tree tomorrow after church. I'll post some pictures next week, after we have everything looking really pretty. exciting and wild and crazy! I knew you wouldn't be dissappointed. Oh wait!! I also attended a Pampered Chef party -- I knew I was missing a little something else wild that I've been up to :0)

Just wait for this next month....a baby, a big birthday (Happy Birthday Jesus!), cookie baking, cooking a turkey for the first time, and more....

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