Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm thankful for spending another whole day with Ryan! On Sunday, we embraced our deep down love for nature. Well, maybe not love for nature, but a definite like. I like nature, just not the bugs, dirt, and no bathrooms associated with it.

I'm thankful that it was sunny and in the 70s yesterday so Ryan and I could escape to Wildwood Park for a loooong walk through the woods. It was great to walk side by side with my best friend and just talk, just the 2 of us (and hundred other familes who decided it was the perfect day for walk).

I'm thankful that the leaves were still on the trees and bright orange, yellow, and red.

I'm thankful that there was a separate grass path with shoulder high weeds because, ummm, mother nature called. It's not my fault there aren't bathrooms on the nature trail. Thanks Ryan for watching my back and letting me know when that guy started walking my direction -- how embarassing.

I'm thankful for getting fresh air and being with my Love!

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