Thursday, November 5, 2009

SILs and BILs

I'm thankful for my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws!

Over the last couple of years my family has grown considerably! I've acquired all kinds of brothers and sisters. Growing up in a family with only girls, having brothers was a very new and exciting thing for me! I've always wondered what brothers were like...well, they're awesome!

I'm thankful for my very first brother, Chris (Jenn's husband)! He owns his own construction business and builds houses for a living -- very handy. He also races stock cars -- very brave. I remember building a snow igloo with him when I was just little (I actually fit inside the igloo)!

I'm thankful for Drew (Emily's husband)! He's going to be a father in just a couple of weeks and I know that he's more than excited! I think Drew can talk to anyone, which is what I love about him. He's always good for interesting conversation! He's also good at making anyone and everyone feel welcome! No one feels left out with Drew around!

I'm thankful for Shannon (Ryan's sister). She's so fun to be around! There's never a dull moment with Shannon in the house! We both watch The Hills, a trashy t.v. show about rich 20somethings who live in the hills of CA. She's also very good at making people feel welcome and always has something to talk about! I love being with people who can hold a good conversation :0)

I'm thankful for Jason & Marissa (Ryan's brother and SIL). They just hosted Ryan and I for a whole week in CA!! They're so easy to be around! J&M are always up for a good time and willing to do just about anything...they have lots of energy to do anything!! They're also older and wiser, which is always something I appreciate :0)

I'm thankful for Darren and Kasie (Ryan's brother and SIL). They are such a gracious couple. I think they would do absolutely anything for anyone! They're newlyweds too and just bought a house several weeks ago! They are both teachers and work hard! I think these 2 would also do anything to have a good time. They're always up for an long as their little pooch, Sadie, can come along! :0)

I'm thankful for the extended family that God has blessed me with! There are billions of people in the world and I feel pretty darn blessed to have all of these wonderfuls as my family!!

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Emily said...

I totally remember that igloo too. It was amazing! We must have had a ton of snow that year. They worked on it all day! Make sure Ryan knows he's responsible for making stuff like that for his nephews! :o)

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