Friday, November 13, 2009

Organized Closets

I'm thankful for organized closets -- finally!
I'm thankful that I can open the spare room closet door and don't have to be afraid something is going to fall on my head. I'm thankful that guests have a place to put their suitcases and hang their clothes! I'm thankful that even though the pictures might make it look full, there really is a lot of space!

I'm thankful that our office closet looks like this.....
Isn't it pretty? Everything isn't piled on the floor anymore! I'm thankful that I can open the door and stuff doesn't fall on my toes!
I'm thankful that our basement closet is all decked out with shelves, upon shelves, upon's like a space city! Ryan even put a space for the vacuum cleaner! I'm thankful that the shelves are adjustable and 20" deep!
I'm thankful that this closet isn't full yet. We'd have serious problems on our hands if we could fill this beast without having any kids!

I'm thankful for organization and space and knowing just the right place for everything in our house!

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