Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm thankful for nephews -- born and unborn!

I'm thankful for Emily growing little Baby W! He's due on December 19th....just in time for Christmas! Perfect! Emily takes good care of her body and is keeping bean safe and secure as he gets ready to join us! Check her story out here.

I'm thankful to see him getting bigger each week, before he makes his big debut!
He's really growing a lot in there! Only a few more weeks left!

I'm thankful for Owen, my very first and super adorable 5 year old nephew! I still can't believe that he started Kindergarten this year...ahhh!! I remember going into Jenn's hospital room after she delivered him and doing my best to hold back the tears. I've never fallen in love with someone by just looking at them -- what an experience! I can't wait to have that feeling again on Mr. You Know Who above :0)
I'm thankful that Owen was born healthy -- he's Jenn's little miracle boy!
I'm thankful that I have gotten to share so many fun experiences with Owen -- here we are heading to Hershey Chocolate World!
I'm thankful that I get to spoil and love on my nephews!

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