Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Devonshire Church

I'm thankful for my church, Devonshire Church!

I'm thankful that from the moment Ryan and I entered, over a year ago, we have been welcomed with open arms.

I'm thankful that people who attend are as genuine as they first appear! I still can't believe how friendly and sincere the congregation was when we started attending.

I'm thankful Ryan and I have been able to build relationships with Christian families from the community, through this church. We know that they are here for us (and only a short distance away) if we need them!

I'm thankful that we have been connected. It's a relief and blessing to know that we have our 2nd (church) family picked out. I know it can be tricky and very time consuming choosing a church to attend when you move to a new area. God was really looking out for us when he brought us to Devonshire that first Sunday!

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