Saturday, November 14, 2009

Date Night [edit]

I'm thankful for a date night tonight with Ryan! He's been so busy with work, we haven't had any time together! He has to work all the least that's what it feels like!

I'm thankful that we get to go to Piazza Sorrento for dinner. We've gone one other time and it was really nice. We ate on the "dinner" side, so tonight we're going to try the bar and see how the food is :0)! Dessert too!

I'm thankful that we get to go to dinner AND watch a movie from the comfort of our own home! We were going to see Couples Retreat at the Cocoaplex, but decided to save our movie tickets for The Blindside and Christmas Carole....looks like we have movies for the next couple of weeks lined up!

I'm thankful for time alone with my husband. I've missed him!

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