Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Parents

I am thankful for my parents.

They've know me since I was in the womb! I couldn't have asked God for a better parent- daughter fit!

I'm thankful they introduced me to Jesus and lived according to His word. Each night before dinner my Dad read out of the Bible, then we prayed together. It was a little each day, but over the years has added up to a lot.

I'm thankful that they are patient with me. They once paid for me to attend college for a whole extra year, to only find out in another year that major just wasn't right for me (still trying to figure that one out).

I'm thankful that they support me in all the things I do. They have traveled over 6hrs, twice, to watch me run and cheer me on. My dad ran 8 miles with me on marathon day and my mom waited 4hrs. and 48mins...in the rain!! That's love.

I'm thankful for their constant interest in my life and continuing to want to see me happy. There's nothing better than having parents who get excited when I'm excited, or happy when I'm happy. To me, genuine empathy is a priceless thing.

I'm thankful that they love me for who I am. I've changed a whole bunch over the years and I know that know matter what awkward, confident, sad, crazy, wild, content, or unsure state I was in -- they loved me.

And they always will.

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